There is nothing better than going out into nature and sleeping out under the stars.  For many people, the day to day rat race of trying to get twelve hours of work crammed into an eight hour day is making them sick.  So, on the weekends, they try to go and wind down by going camping or doing another outdoor activity.  However, one of the worst parts of camping is setting up the tent.

Before going out camping, many people will go to a camping gear near me store and purchase equipment.  This camping gear can vary from person to person but one thing that we all will have is a tent.  So, when you purchase your tent from a store like Beaver Sports, what is the best way to use and maintain it?

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Folding and unfolding

When you purchase your tent it is all rolled up neatly in a carrying bag.  After you unroll it and use it, many people will find it a nightmare to return it to the original bag.  So, when it comes to unfolding and folding up your tent, you want to take your time and look at the folds.  You will also want to make sure that you have weight on your tent so that the folds stick and are not popped up by the wind.

Find level ground

In the woods you will probably find it difficult to find level ground.  However, if you bring a rake and a large piece of cardboard, you can make yourself a piece of level ground that you can pitch your tent over.  When setting up the area, remove everything you can that resembles the size of your tent.  Then measure out two feet in all directions and make sure that area is clean as well.  Once clean, lay out your cardboard and start assembling your tent on top.

Tie everything down

Once you have the base setup tie it all down.  You don’t want to have your tent fall apart in the middle of the night.  You will also want to put some type of barrier around the spikes in the ground to help prevent people from tripping in the middle of the night.